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"David and his team did a awesome job with my federal case in 2011. I was looking at a mandatory min of 5 years in prison for armed drug trafficking . When David got involved, he helped negotiate to have my weapons charges dropped and my sentence reduced. David did not stop there. He fought for me to get the lowest of the sentencing guidelines, which was 10 months. Not only did he get the reduced 10 month sentence, he was able to split it in half, which was 5 months of incarceration and 5 months home detention. I ended up being able to do 2 months incarceration, 3 months in a halfway house, and 5 months home detention . Now, David and his team filed a motion for me to get off of supervised release early for the same case, resulting in reducing my supervised release from 3 years to 2 years. I was given 3 years of supervised release david help me get off in 2 years. I really appreciate the work that David, Cherie and their team have done for me. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs legal services . These people do their job."
- [Name withheld to protect client confidentiality]

"There's no doubt in my mind that you are the Mayweather of the legal arena! Tough guy, may God always bless you and yours."
- [Name withheld to protect client confidentiality]

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything, for all of you and your staff and company's help in resolving my case. I was only sentenced to 15 sessions of anger management, and a 415 infraction. I am really pleased with this outcome, and I couldn't have asked for a better situation.You and your staff have been so comforting and amazing to work with. If I know of anyone who ever needs help, you are the only people I would recommend!"
- [Name withheld to protect client confidentiality]

"I thought I was watching a live show in a movie studio with actors in action. It was very honest, compelling, and you were determined to win the trophy. I liked that. Yesterday, I rate the presentation as 20 stars. This is a good business and I would highly recommend it. David I cannot say better words than this: the kids are happy, [Client name withheld] is more relaxed, and the bullet in my chest has been extracted. I love you David. You will be always in my prayers."
- [Wife of client - names withheld to protect client confidentiality]

"Have you ever been wrongfully accused of and charged with a crime? Has someone made unsubstantiated and false allegations about you, and the information being presented as evidence is unreliable, hearsay and possibly tampered with? This could be the makings of a set-up. Your job, reputation, and career is on the line. This happened to me and possibly many more of you. I was not even arrested! I believe I was the victim of false allegations and an overzealous DA who didn't seem to know the rules of evidence and proof. I sought the help and representation of true professionals from a top notch law firm, Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC. Their excellent attorneys fought for me and gave me personal attention during this difficult period, and forced the prosecution to drop the charges. I had a previous attorney but I had to make a critical decision in my case to get correct representation. If your attorney is unresponsive, does not seem to care or talk to you about your case, has too many clients and simply has no time for you (other than the payments you have to make), then maybe it's time for a change. You need an attorney that's willing to discuss issues in your case, and is knowledgeable on critical issues/points of the law, rules of evidence, etc. Don't leave your life, freedom and career to chance; seek the professional help of Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC. Call them first before anyone else. You will not regret it. 'You're in good hands.' "
- [Name withheld to protect client confidentiality]

"I don’t know how to thank David, Jason, and the other people at the law firm. They saved my life and my family. I will remember this help for the rest of my life. On Monday, March 17, 2014, they helped me win my case in the 9th Circuit Court and walk out of court a free man. "
- Julius L.

"Mr Cohen, hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. I wanted to sincerely thank you for everything you did for my uncle. It was truly a blessing to have you represent him. He got his class A license again and is back to working as a truck driver. May god keep blessing you and Cherie. This would not have happened without you two. Thank you."
- Ana C.

"[Client]* said he was very impressed with your professionalism and tactics in the court house. He's happy that he has you as his lawyer. He says, 'Thank you for helping him. You did a great job, Dave.'"
- [Father of client - names withheld to protect client confidentiality]

"David Cohen is a terrific attorney. He will really give you the personal touch. I previously had other criminal defense attorneys who did not go out of their way for me the way David did. Since then, I have moved on and have a career and have two little kids, and it was because of David that I was able to get my life back."
- Ray M.

David Cohen

"Attorney Cohen, you need to know this truth. I have been searching laboriously the internet for an Attorney to review my case. I have spoken to many, only to experience, a confused state of mind from legal incompetence. However, I do believe, that my search is over after making contact with Attorney Michael Pellegrini. He provides an attentive ear, not quick to say what you want to hear, and his tenacity is unwavering with the facts regarding your case. Finally, in the above category of truth, I am impress with his legal direction that leads to a comfortable place of confidence to admit in the future, that his efforts was rewarding on the grounds of truth, and not falsity. Attorney Cohen you can continue to be proud having such competence at the law- firm. Again, I speak of no other than Attorney Michael Pellegrini. I have already retain him as my Attorney, and will recommend other clients to him in the future."
- Respectfully Submitted VB

"Jason Campbell & David Cohen gets 5 stars for returning my call within minutes after leaving a message concerning my unfortunate situation, another 5 stars for calling me on a national holiday. During my phone conversation with both Jason & David, I explained the charges and discussed my prior convictions. I immediately set up an appointment for the following day to further discuss this very stressful situation. Meeting with Jason immediately put me at ease as he thoroughly explained the seriousness of the charges and walked me through the court proceedings."
- [Name withheld to protect client confidentiality]

Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC team

"Retaining Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC was well worth it's weight in gold. Jason Campbell successfully negotiated a plea deal with the state prosecutor that resulted in the felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor, fine of $170.00, probation, and best of all, 48 hours community service instead of potentially serving a year in county jail. Jason Campbell is truly an expert in the field of criminal defense. He will stand by you every step of the way.

I strongly recommend the attorneys at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC. Trust me, you'll be in good hands. Extremely trustworthy, approachable, knowledgeable & dedicated firm. True experts in the field of criminal defense."
- B.P.

"Running afoul of the law as I did, through a moments lapse of any judgment, you are scared of the possible consequences and overwhelmed by the unknown processes of the law, you need the help of a *good* criminal lawyer to represent and advise you."
- [Name withheld to protect client confidentiality]

"I was lucky enough to find Bay Area Criminal Lawyers to help me understand the law; to ably Represent, and advise me, through the entire process."
- [Name withheld to protect client confidentiality]

"From the very first consultation, until the last court appearance, Jason Campbell was always there; he briefed me on the situation, advised about the possible alternatives and outcomes, and essentially removed a lot of the anxiety associated with entire process."
- [Name withheld to protect client confidentiality]

"I am certain that had I not retained Bay Area Criminal Law to represent me, the outcome would not have been as positive as it was, and I would not hesitate to use them again, or recommend them to others. Many Thanks"
- LC, San Francisco

Bay Area Criminal Lawyers

"I was charged when I was 28 years old with an extremely serious case which could have kept me in prison until my 70's. I hired a lawyer that did not know what they were doing, and just before my trial they wanted me to take 14 years and lifetime sex registration. Thank God that I found David’s firm just before my trial. They got the trial date put off, and worked miracles in my case. They got evidence thrown out during my trial, and uncovered all kinds of prosecutorial misconduct. The bottom line is that I am now released, I am 31, I have my whole life in front of me, and I do not have to register as a sex offender. I have my life and family back, and it is all thanks to David and his firm. They worked tirelessly for months and months to get me this result. They are amazing."
- RD.

David J Cohen

"Dear David and Jason,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I don't know what your religious beliefs are, but I thank God that he led me to you. The fact that you returned my call right away and also followed up with me as quickly as you did to keep me informed was so professional and unique in any profession in this day and age. Please don't ever stop doing that!

I try very hard to let God do the heavy work and I just listen and follow. I researched different lawyers, and he led me to you. You are like a pit bull, but very knowledgeable. I know you worked very hard to educate yourselves in your field. I also know that God had a hand in giving you your brain and opening doors for you to get your education and career established. We do the work, but God leads us in the right direction.

You filed all the motions and declarations because you knew what to look for, and that Terry had not been represented like he should have been. I did my part and prayed that God would open up the DA's and the Judge's heart and let them see the truth. I think that also happened. It could not have happened without you guys, but I don't think you could have done it without God's direction either.

Anyway, I pray for your continued success, so that you can help others out there who have not been treated fairly and justly.

May God Bless you and Jason"
- Sharon, Joe and especially Terry

Bay Area Team

"Dear David:
There are no words to express my gratitude to you. I credit you with saving my life. You are a great lawyer and a wonderful man. Thank you for everything. I hope you and your family have a great holiday season."
- Brian.

"David Cohen is a terrific attorney. He will really give you the personal touch. I previously had other criminal defense attorneys who did not go out of their way for me the way David did. Since then, I have moved on and have a career and have two little kids, and it was because of David that I was able to get my life back."
- Ray M.

"David Cohen and his associates are quality lawyers and professionals that are consistently looking out for your best interest given your circumstances, no matter how dire they may be.  I can personally attest to this fact, as I was charged with three felonies, which resulted in a favorable outcome that would not affect my career and livelihood.  If your life gets turned upside down by our justice system give David's office a call for a responsive,  tenacious defense that will yield realistic results that you can live with.  Thank you David and Company."
- P.B.

David J Cohen, Attorney

"Hi David,
This is Dr. Johnson (name changed to protect identity). I know you are in a conference. I just want to let you know that words could never convey how in debt I am to you guys and what you were able to accomplish on my behalf was absolutely phenomenal. I am so impressed with you and your young associate. She is terrific and you have been outstanding. David, I am forever in your debt. Thank you."
- Dr. Johnson

"David, was great. All of our goals were met. He even did better than we had expected. I was charged with both federal and state drug crimes and I was facing a lot of jail time. David filed many motions, including a fourth amendment motion. I was very impressed with his creativity and originality. To make a long story short, we would set goals for ourselves, and he met or exceeded those goals. He always kept me in the loop of exactly what was happening. His whole strategy with fighting two serious cases at the same time, state and federal, I don't think any other lawyer would have taken such a strategic approach. He took care of me like no other lawyer would have. He was worth every penny. My mom and I both agree on that. Everything we tried to do was accomplished, against some very serious charges and I was very concerned with being sent to jail for a long time. I was facing over ten years. After many motions, and a long hard fight, David was able to negotiate a deal for me where I was sentenced to two years and both cases were resolved. I am so happy I hired Mr. Cohen. I cannot say thank you enough."
- Eric A.

David Cohen Lawyer

"David is freaking perfect!! O just kidding no one is perfect. David and his crew will take care of you! Like I said I am a real person that made a stupid mistake and I went through a bunch of Lawyers to find the right one! When I Called David's Office I told them a short version of my story then she asked me to hold on and next thing I knew David was on his cell phone with us! It’s all history from there. They set out to do their job for me and never called to tell me that they couldn't do something they always called me with a way to get the job done, despite any road blocks that the courts came up with! Between David and his associates they put up with my crazy days of me freaking out sometimes, they got the job done, that every other Lawyer was too chicken to get done! He gave me my FREEDOM BACK!!! THANKS!!"
- Paul C.

Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC Team

"Extremely responsive and thorough. My friend contacted this law firm and left a message on their voice mail system on a Saturday night. One of the associate attorneys picked up the message that night. He took my case and visited me at the jail while I was being held in police custody on a Saturday night. Nearly every other attorney my friends contacted said that I would have to wait until Monday morning. On top of that, he looked into the facts of my case and began placing phone calls to gather additional information immediately after meeting with me (which, again, was on a Saturday night). Thanks to his quick and diligent work I was released from custody a few hours after I hired him. Without his help, I would have likely been held in custody for at least an additional day and possibly much longer."
- J.S.

"Cherie and David. Thank you both and your staff for all the help you have provided me in my time of need."
- [Name withheld to protect client confidentiality]

"Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC is the firm to call when in need of expert criminal defense."
- [Name withheld to protect client confidentiality]

NOTE: The results here do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. Every case is different. Please contact us to discuss your case.

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